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Designed for retail business that need a dedicated phone line and internet phone line

  • Unlimited Anytime Minutes of business calling to anywhere in Canada
  • Unlimited free incoming minutes
  • No commitment, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Makes a great dedicated business lines for small business
  • Follow-Me forwarding to your cell phone
  • SBP Infinity is a great value at an unbeatable price
  • All SimpleBusinessPhone Service Plans include extremely competitive international rates, which apply to calls NOT included in this Plan
  • 6M DSL Internet
  • Includes equipment rental of internet modem phone adapter and two handset cordless phone.

Per month: $94 95CAD

One-time setup: $349 95CAD


Our Everything-you-need retail package includes:

  • Infinity Phone Service
  • DSL Interent at 6M
  • Standard Phone Internet Adapter Rental
  • DSL Modem (rental)
  • Commercial Grade WiFi Access Point (rental)
  • 2 Handset Cordless Phone (rental)
  • Simple Installation

All plans come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!

  • Us
  • $95 per monthHoneymoon
  • $95 per monthRegular
  • Basic Internet
  • Canada and US Long Distance Included
  • 2 Phones Included
  • Shaw
  • $50 per monthHoneymoon
  • $122 per monthRegular
  • Basic Internet
  • Long Distance 5c / minute
  • Phone Not Included
  • Telus
  • $159 per monthHoneymoon
  • $159 per monthRegular
  • Basic Internet
  • Long Distance 6c / minute
  • Phone Not Included


4x Faster 25M Internet
+ $29 / Month
Fax to Email with dedicated number
+ $16 / Month
Additional Phone Line
+ $19 / Month
Public Wifi Access
+ $9 / Month
Comprehensive technology support **
+ $95 / Month

** Comprehensive technology support includes:

  • Onsite maintenance each month (up to one hour)
  • Support the primary computer
  • Commercial Antivirus Subscription
  • Phone in Help Desk Support
  • Essential Cloud Backup
  • Helia Health Maintenance and Metric Agent
Find out more about Comprehensive Retail Support

How I Get Started?

Gettting started is quick and easy. Simply contact us with your information. All payment is done online.

Call us at (403) 668-7890, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit the form on our contact us page.

  • Andrew Gowers

    Andrew Gowers

    When we use Helia they exceed our expected deliverables and always within our agreed to budget. They work with us, not just for us, all the while keeping our best interests as a company at the core of the project.

    We had been looking for a company that not only could get the job done as promised, on time and on budget but one that came with integrity. Helia provides us with a "mean what you say and say what you mean" attitude that has forged a relationship, not just a contract for a project. Our partners at Helia far exceed our expectations each and every time. So if you're thinking of using Helia, I would highly recommend you give them a try, I am sure you'll be impressed. Please email me if you'd like some more insight into Helia.

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