HELIA provides managed phone service for Business Centers.

Phone services are billed directly to tenants and exceptional rates and Helia provides support for the tenants phones as part of the service.

  • The physical desk phone is provided to the tenant by the Business Center
  • The multi-line phone line is $20/month for one line and one phone number, to be billed directly to tenant (Multi-line regular price is $55/month)
  • $50 set up charge and includes the port charge at time of setup - to be billed directly to tenant

Inbound Call Handling of Tenant Phone Number

When a customer/client phones the tenants phone number, there are a number of options on how this call is handled. Here are the most common:

  • Ring only at the business center reception
  • Ring at business center reception and the tenant's' office
  • Ring at only the tenants office and a cell phone

For more information, other options, or to request service, please contact HELIA

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Call our Specialist. He can be reached at:

Picture of Dar ZuchDar ZuchBusiness IT SpecialistHelia Technologies(403) 698-0700
  • Ken Gooz


    I have collaborated with Darvin on several breakthroughs and forward-looking IT projects to which he ALWAYS came through with a solution where there appeared not to be as concepts were more advanced than current technologies.

    His thought processes is methodical and detailed, approach is ethical and professional and solutions driven. He deliverers what he said he would, on time and on budget.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Helia and Darvin for any scale of IT related projects. If he takes a project on he will not only do it but do it very well!

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