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Our phone service is compatible with existing phones and phone system and delivers advanced features specifically designed for retail business to get more calls answered and visibility of call volumes and missed calls into the hands of owners and managers.

No-VoIP phone systems for Telus, Bell, Shaw, and Rogers phone lines are available for Retail stores. We recommend Yeastar phone systems for retail stores that require legacy phone lines for reliable and cost effective solution. Learn more about Yeastar phone systems at Yeastar.ca.

Simple Phone Services for Retail Stores

Our phone service is designed for retail stores to provide emergency support but also for employees to handle customers calling. The phones have speed dial buttons to reach other stores and head office quickly. Voicemail can be collected and sent to managers in addition to the store staff to ensure every call is returned.

Our Retail phone service is designed specifically for retail stores. The store phone will ring and if its not answered, it can ring the owners cell phone or other cell phones as well. If it continues to go unanswered, the call will be answered by a full auto attendant and allow the customer to be routed to a department or leave a voicemail message. The voicemail message is emailed out so that the store owner can have immediate access to it, in addition to the store staff.

Connecting Retail Stores Phones and Branches Together

Branch offices can be interconnected so that if one location is very busy, calls can be automatically routed to another location and answered there. In addition, a corporate auto-attendant can connect all stores together and give a consistent greeting to customers and vendors calling in.

Multi-line Phone Service Designed in Alberta for Small Business Retail - Cell Phone Switchboard

We've been delivering phone services in Alberta since 2006 and have created a very special phone service for small business and retail. Cell Phone Switchboard provides the best value and a very special phone service to help small business succeed. Learn more at https://helia.ca/switchboard #albertaverified #buylocalyyc

Fax is Available

A physical fax machine can be connected if required however most customers find the new Fax-to-email / Email-to-fax services to be far more cost effective to send and receive faxes. They can be easily routed to individual stores and kept private and secure when required

Phone Options for Retail Store Phone Systems

In addition you will need a phone. We recommend the AT&T TL86109 phone. It comes with a desk phone for your business desk and a cordless phone for up front at the check out. Additional cordless phones can be added for a total of 12. For more information see AT&T TL86109 2-line desk phone with a cordless handset.

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    Tania Spears

    Helia Technologies is my go to place for any computer issues. They are knowledgeable and they always go the extra mile when I have any issues. Darvin and his team are phenomenal. Highly, highly recommended.

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