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Do you need more than a Simple Business Phone?

At HELIA, Simple Business Phones is our most basic offering. How do you know if you need more? Here are some simple questions to ask:

  • Do you need dedicated voice mail boxes for employees?
  • Do you need to transfer calls to a specific phone
  • Would you like the option of a corporate auto attendant to answer calls

If you answered yes to any of these questions. You should look at one of our other offerings.

Yeastar Premise Based Business Phone System

Some organizations need more and premise based systems deliver more. Call recording and advanced call dashboards for every user come standard; plus much much more. Yeastar provides the best value option to public organizations and especially organizations with phones not used full time. To find out about our premium premise based phone system and Yeastar Phone Systems, see our dedicated site at:

Visit: www.Yeastar.ca

JumboTel.ca Business Phone System

JumboTel gives you all the options you'd expect in the phone system for you office without the high upfront cost. All the value you find in SimpleBusinessPhones.com is also standard in our JumboTel offering. Corporate phone systems are more complex and when you're ready, plan to give us a call and have a conversation. That way we'll be able to talk through the options and customize something for your fit.

Visit: www.JumboTel.ca

You can upgrade an any time. Our phones are all compatible to minimize extra expense when you need to grow into something more.

  • Tania Spears

    Tania Spears

    Helia Technologies is my go to place for any computer issues. They are knowledgeable and they always go the extra mile when I have any issues. Darvin and his team are phenomenal. Highly, highly recommended.

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