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Here in Canada, the CRTC has legislated that your phone number is yours. When you change phone companies, you have a right to keep your number. The process is call "Porting". You need to submit a LOA or "Letter of Authority" in which you declare that the phone number is yours and you authorize it to be transfered to your new phone company

How Porting a Phone Number Works

Phone number porting is guaranteed for all numbers declared "portable" for technical reasons. Moving phone numbers is largely a administrative effort.

  1. The new carrier notifies the current carrier of the requested port.
  2. The current carrier is asked to validate the subscriber's information.
  3. The current carrier confirms the subscriber's information and notifies the new carrier.
  4. The current carrier notifies the Public-Telephone-Network-Managers of the requested port.
  5. The Public-Telephone-Network-Managers creates a pending port and sends a notification to the current carrier.
  6. Optionally, the current carrier notifies the Public-Telephone-Network-Managers that it agrees and accepts the port request.
  7. The new carrier notifies the Public-Telephone-Network-Managers to activate the port.
  8. The pending port is activated in the Public-Telephone-Network-Managers and broadcast to the telecommunications industry network within milli-seconds.
  9. Each Public-Telephone-Network record, referred to as a Subscription Version, contains various pieces of information about the telephone number.
  10. The new carrier becomes the current carrier and obtains delegated administrative authority over the phone number
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