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Call waiting allows your telephone to accept multiple calls even with if your service only has one line. When a second call comes in, there will be a beeping sound on the phone that tells you there is a second call. When this happens, press the FLASH button on the phone to switch to the second waiting call. Thankfully with, we deliver all of our services as multi-lines so all thats need is to press the next line button that will be flashing.

Multi-Line Phones and Phone Service

With service from Helia, we deliver multiple services that all include multiple lines. From simple second number service for you your cell phone with Multi-line to digital SIP lines for legacy Nortel, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and old phone systems, our multi-line service allows you easily to take and make multiple calls on your service.

To answer a second waiting call with, simply select the next ringing line to answer the call.

  • Julian Bomford

    Julian Bomford

    Even though I'm in Ottawa Helia were super! The technician called me right away and we set up an appointment. Installation was quick and flawless. Now I'm paying a quater of what I was paying with Bell with 110% better service and product.

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