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Like a legacy features, Call forwarding has been transformed into a very useful and powerful feature to ensure calls are routed to the right places and customers can reach the right people in your company easily.With this new advanced call forwarding (also called Find-Me-Follow-Me or simply Follow-Me) you can have your calls ring simultaneously on your office, mobile and home phones, or they can be set up to ring sequentially in any order and with whatever delay you decide to set. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are

Simultaneous Ringing to Your Cell Phone

Calls for your extension can be set to also ring your cell phone. When a call comes in and going to your extension and your desk phone, that call will also ring on your cell phone. Even when your out of your office and out of the building, you'll still be able take your calls and your customers can reach you.

Simultaneous Ringing to Other Phones

Call for your extension can be set to also ring other phones in your office. When a call comes in, it will ring both your phone and other phones and cell phones for other people.

Ring One Phone and Then Next

For many, being able to set your calls so they redirect to another person, when you're in a meeting, on another call or otherwise preoccupied, is important. Calls can be set to ring a particular phone first and then if un-answered, ring other phones in order.

More Advanced Call Queues

Advanced call forwarding is our simple call forwarding solution. Solutions can entend to simple call centers where calls are distibuted based on who is at their desk, to whoever has spent the least amount of time on the phone, and many other advanced call routing algorithms. Call queues and advanced call routing is available in our solutions for larger businesses. Find out more on our "For Larger Businesses" Page

Available on Select Plans

Follow Me features are available on the:

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