Bartered Phone Service Through the Exmerce Barter Network
The Telus and Shaw Alternative.

Exmerce Logo Get your business phone lines from HeliaVoice. We provide:
  • Simple Business Phone Lines
  • Hosted Phone Systems
  • Fax to Email and
  • Business DSL Internet.

Keep your existing phone number and get all the features you need for a business on the move including:

  • Call forwarding to your cell phone
  • Voicemail to email
  • Easy to use web portal
  • Fax to email
  • and more.

We can provide a full business grade phone system with our FairFire Phone System. Visit for more information.

What is Barter and What is Cash?

Setup charges and monthly charges are covered by barter. Equipment costs are cash


Internet and phone service to existing phone and phone system still requires equipment for this service. To keep costs within the barter network, we can provide this equipment as rental and a monthly cost along with equipment cost. This equipment can also be purchased directly outside of the barter network.

Examples of pricing:

Equipment Rental Purchase
Internet DSL Modem with WiFi and Single Phone Line Support $9 $159
Two Line Phone Adapter (ATA) $5 $65 is good for small business with one or two phone lines. If you have more than two phone lines, consider for a full business grade hosted phone system.


Setup costs are included in barter. We provide a standard setup for the Fairfire phone systems. All phones have their own extension number and voicemail. When someone calls the main number a group of phones (that you decide) will ring and then play a custom greeting for your company.


Phones use the same technology as your computer network. This keeps the installation costs to a minimum. The phones can piggy back on your computer network or can be on a dedicated phone network. Any additional data cabling to support the phone will be included in the cash portion of the system.

Other Equipment

Typical offices require commercial phones, network phone switches and paging systems. This equipment is not covered by barter

Internet Pricing

We provide business grade internet to Sabertec customers. The available internet speed is based on the area of the city. We do an address check to determine the fastest available speed for your business.

Setup costs for internet in major centers like Calgary are $135. This presumes your have an existing Telus phone line. With the setup, two technicians will be sent out to your business. A Telus technician will arrive to inspect your telephone lines and identify the line that will be used with your internet. Once Telus has confirmed the line, Helia will send a technician out to complete your DSL install by installing the internet dsl modem and testing the connection speed. Telus charges us additional fees for costs outside of major centeres and so the costs are different.

A DSL Modem is required and provided to Sabertec customers on a monthly rental basis.

What Else We Do Outside The Barter Network

Helia provides full service technology support for companies in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Visit for more information about Helia and supporting your companies technology.

  • Candice Robitaille

    Bowest Appliances

    Fast and Efficient - I can always count on them when something goes wrong they are here right away fixing the issues so that i can get back to work. Best company i have ever worked with. Keep up the good work Helia :)

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