Infinity Package - Phone and Internet for Retail Business

Designed for retail business that need a dedicated phone line and internet phone line

  • Unlimited Anytime Minutes of business calling to anywhere in Canada
  • Unlimited free incoming minutes
  • No commitment, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Makes a great dedicated business lines for small business
  • Follow-Me forwarding to your cell phone
  • SBP Infinity is a great value at an unbeatable price
  • All SimpleBusinessPhone Service Plans include extremely competitive international rates, which apply to calls NOT included in this Plan
  • 6M DSL Internet
  • Includes equipment rental of internet modem phone adapter and two handset cordless phone.

Per month: $9495 CAD

One-time setup: $34995 CAD


Our Everything-you-need retail package includes:

  • Infinity Phone Service
  • DSL Interent at 6M
  • Standard Phone Internet Adapter Rental
  • DSL Modem (rental)
  • Commercial Grade WiFi Access Point (rental)
  • 2 Handset Cordless Phone (rental)
  • Simple Installation

All plans come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!

  • Us
  • $95 per month Honeymoon
  • $95 per month Regular
  • Basic Internet
  • Canada and US Long Distance Included
  • 2 Phones Included
  • Shaw
  • $50 per month Honeymoon
  • $122 per month Regular
  • Basic Internet
  • Long Distance 5c / minute
  • Phone Not Included
  • Telus
  • $159 per month Honeymoon
  • $159 per month Regular
  • Basic Internet
  • Long Distance 6c / minute
  • Phone Not Included


4x Faster 25M Internet
+ $29 / Month
Fax to Email with dedicated number
+ $16 / Month
Additional Phone Line
+ $19 / Month
Public Wifi Access
+ $9 / Month
Comprehensive technology support **
+ $95 / Month

** Comprehensive technology support includes:

  • Onsite maintenance each month (up to one hour)
  • Support the primary computer
  • Commercial Antivirus Subscription
  • Phone in Help Desk Support
  • Essential Cloud Backup
  • Helia Health Maintenance and Metric Agent
Find out more about Comprehensive Retail Support

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  • "I use CallBlast all the time to forward my client calls to my mobile phone. That feature alone is a remarkable timesaver for me. It lets me be away from my desk most of the time and still take every call “live” that I want to. I have a second line we use for our home number, and I love the videophone—I can see my friends instead of just talking into a piece of plastic. "

    Kelly R.
    Portland, OR

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