The Voicemail tab displays your new and saved voicemail (and videomail) and allows you to listen (or view) your mail. The Voicemail tab allows you to:

  • Listen to your voicemail from the Online Control Panel with an MP3 player, such as Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes.
  • Save voicemail messages indefinitely within the Online Control Panel. You can save messages to your local computer if you have chosen the email option, or by saving the MP3 file that's played in the above point.
  • Delete unwanted voicemail messages (they will disappear overnight).
  • Set up voicemail delivery options from the Features Tab.
  • You must use a phone to initially set up and/or change your voicemail recording.
The voicemail tab of your control panel

Voicemail Tab

The voicemail table has the following fields for each record:

  • Listen - clicking the button plays the voicemail
  • Status – New, Played, Deleted or Saved
  • From Number – who left the voicemail
  • Date, Time and Duration – of the call
  • Select Checkbox – used to Save or Delete voicemail. Click the upper right checkbox to select all records.

The capacity of your voicemail box and the length of time unsaved messages will be kept are noted at the bottom of the screen.


Your service supports videomail, as long as both you and whoever called you has a videophone or a compatible video softphone application. Videomail is managed exactly like voicemail except for the file format.

You can retrieve your videomail from a videophone, your computer (with appropriate playback application), or from video-capable devices like a BlackBerry.

Videomail on a BlackBerry

To play back a received videomail file on your BlackBerry, you first need to set the device's Browser Identification to BlackBerry. If any other option is selected you won't be able to view your videomail.

Check (and change) this setting by:

  • Launch the BlackBerry browser
  • Click on the left menu button
  • Select Options
  • Select Browser Identification to see what your device is currently set to
  • Click the Menu Key and select Change Option if it's currently anything other then Blackberry
  • Select BlackBerry
  • Click the Menu Key again and select Save Options.
  • "I use SIPTalk for both my home office voice line and for my fax machine, and it works much better than my previous VoIP provider did. My fax machine is my business lifeline, so I can’t afford to use an unreliable service. In addition, I save about 50% over what I would be paying AT&T for the same two lines. "

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