The Features tab allows you to further customize various settings and features including 7-Digit Calling set up, Voicemail Settings, Enhanced Services Settings (e.g., Do Not Disturb or Disable Call Waiting) and the Time Zone used to timestamp your calls and voicemails.

Features Tab

The feature tab of your control panel

Outbound Caller ID Settings

If you have more than one VoIP Number on your account, this is where you choose which one is used as Caller ID on all your outbound calls. If you have only a single DID on your account, this section won't appear at all, as in the example above. Make your selection and then click the Apply button in the Caller ID Settings area.

7-Digit Calling

If you make a high percentage of your calls within a single area code of US or Canada, you can save yourself some key presses by entering that area code in the appropriate field. It may be the area code of your VoIP phone number or it may be completely different. Whenever you dial just 7 digits, we automatically prepend the Area Code to the number you dialed. Click Apply to save your choice.

Voicemail Delivery Options

In addition to retrieving voicemail from any phone or through the Online Control Panel, you can have the full voicemail sent to your email address as an MP3 attachment. This is also the easiest way to save your voicemail to your local computer. The email address field here identifies where voicemails (and faxes if you have IP-Fax service on a separate phone number) are sent.

You can also have a notification of each voicemail sent to your mobile phone via SMS or to an alphanumeric pager. Pager and SMS notifications are sent to the address in the appropriate field just below the email field.

Changing your email address redirects your voicemail. This might be useful if you are traveling and don't have access to your regular email account.

Once set up is complete, click the Apply button in this section and leave yourself a test voicemail to make sure it works as desired.

Call Handling Options (Star key Features)

This section area allows you to use checkboxes to turn on and off certain star key (*) options, such as:

  • Forward all incoming calls to a specific number.
  • Forward all unanswered incoming calls to a specific number.
  • Block your Caller ID for all outbound calls.
  • Do not accept calls from anonymous callers (calls with no inbound Caller ID).
  • Enable Do Not Disturb (sends all calls directly to voicemail).
  • Disable Call Waiting on all incoming calls (useful for a fax line).

Click on the checkbox in front of the option or options you desire and then click the appropriate Apply button. To reverse the option, uncheck the box and click Apply.

You can also access these and additional call handling options by using the * key on your phone. See the following table for details.

Note: Do not enter the voicemail system before using these numbers. Lift the handset, dial the keys, listen for a verification (if appropriate), then hang up.

Star Code Menu

Star Code Option
*69 Place a call to the number from which you were last called.
*72 <number> Forward all calls to the number entered after 72.
*73 Cancel forwarding of all calls.
*92 <number> Forward all busy or unanswered calls to the <number> entered after 92.
*93 Cancel forwarding of all busy or unanswered calls.
*67 Block Caller ID for all outbound calls.
*82 Unblock Caller ID for all outbound calls.
*67 <number> Block outbound Caller ID for single call to <number>.
*82 <number> Unblock outbound Caller ID for single call to <number>.
*77 Don't accept calls from anonymous callers (calls with no inbound Caller ID).
*87 Accept calls from anonymous callers (no inbound Caller ID).
*78 Turn on Do Not Disturb (all calls go directly to voicemail).
*79 Cancel Do Not Disturb.
*56 Enable Call Waiting on all calls on main line.
*57 Disable Call Waiting on all calls on main line (for a fax or modem line).
*70 <number> Disable Call Waiting only for this call to <number> (for a single fax or modem call).
*76 <number> Enable Call Waiting only for this call to <number>.
*30 Disable call waiting on all user lines.
*31 Enable call waiting on all user lines.

Time Zone

This area displays your currently selected time zone, which is used to timestamp all your calls and voicemails. To change your time zone, select a new time zone from the drop down menu and click Apply.

You can see your current time zone on the Account tab, but cannot change it from there.

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