We suggest that you follow the order below when first using your Online Control Panel:

  • Double check your 911 address information using the 911 Info tab.
  • Change your password, if you want to, using the Account tab.
  • Set up and manage your CallBlast from the CallBlast tab.
  • Set up any numbers you frequently call from the Speed Dial tab.
  • View and manage your voicemail using the Voicemail tab
  • View and export all your calls from the Call Activity tab

Account Tab

The Account tab appears by default when you login to the Online Control Panel. It has three areas.

  • Change Your Account Name and Password. Here you can modify your account name and/or password. Enter the new information and then click the Update Account button. A password must be between 4-10 characters and should be numeric because you may also use it to retrieve voicemail via a telephone keypad.
  • Account Summary. The Account tab also provides a Summary of Account details including: Name, User ID, email address, all phone numbers in your account, and your account's current Time Zone.
Log in to your control panel

Call Activity Tab

The Call Activity tab allows you to view all calls you placed or received over the past period of time. You can also search through your call history using call type and date criteria. Clicking on the Call Activity tab brings up the screen below.

Call Activity Tab

Call data includes Call Date and Time, From Number, To Number, call Duration and Type (Incoming, Outgoing, Missed).

From this page you can review particular calls by the following process:

  • Choose what Call Type you want to view - All, Incoming, Outgoing or Missed.
  • Choose the To Date, which is the date up to (and including) which the search will take into account.
  • Choose Show Last – the time period from one day to one month that you wish to search.
  • Select the desired Format Type – Default will show the results on your screen, whereas Excel and CSV will export the results as an XLS or CSV format file, respectively.
  • Click Search. On-screen results are displayed 25 records to a page (if more than 25 were found in your Search).

Note: in the above CDR are 3 examples of 7-digit local dialing, as described later in this manual.

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