To enter your voicemail, dial 00 from your phone. From the recording menu you have the following choices

Key Option
1 Play the recording.
4 Cancel the custom recording and return to the default system settings.
7 Redo the recording.
* Cancel the recording and return to the Main Menu.
# Use the recording and return to the Main Menu.

Once you have set up your personal greetings, return to the Main menu and select from one of the following options.

Main Menu

Key Option
1Enter the Message Center (Message Center menu).
2Change your greeting (Recording menu).
3Change your password.
4Change your name (Recording menu).
5Enter the Features menu.
#End the call.
  • "Using SIPTalk for my home office is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. My productivity is way up, thanks to CallBlast and voicemail-to-email features. I can always be reached, no matter where I am. I also like how I can use the web portal to manage the features I want rather than waiting for ‘the phone company’ to get around to it. When my phone arrived, I read the simple directions, plugged it in, and was using the service within about five minutes. It works as promised!"

    Ron T.
    Lane County, OR

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