Once your voicemail is set up, you manage your account with your Online Control Panel, a browser-based interface. To access your Online Control Panel, either login from the sales website you used to sign up for the service, or contact your Service Provider for the correct web address.

Log in to your control panel

Note: The Online Control Panel is best used with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, with Apple Safari browser 3.0 and higher, or with Firefox browser 3.0 and higher.

The first thing that appears is the login screen, as shown here:

The Online Control Panel Login Screen

How To login to your Online Control Panel

  • Enter your User ID (your main VoIP phone number).
  • Enter the Password you chose or had assigned to you.
  • Click the Enter button.
  • "Using SIPTalk for my home office is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. My productivity is way up, thanks to CallBlast and voicemail-to-email features. I can always be reached, no matter where I am. I also like how I can use the web portal to manage the features I want rather than waiting for ‘the phone company’ to get around to it. When my phone arrived, I read the simple directions, plugged it in, and was using the service within about five minutes. It works as promised!"

    Ron T.
    Lane County, OR

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