Once you successfully log in, you'll see the control panel main window with the Account tab selected, as shown below. The control panel has a series of tabs, each designed to give you information about and control over your account.

AccountChange your account name or password.
Call ActivityView and/or export the recent calls you have made and received. Calls show up here immediately after you hang up the phone, but are not rated.
Voicemail Listen to, save, or delete voicemail.
CallBlast Enter up to 4 different numbers that will ring simultaneously or sequentially whenever your VoIP number is dialed.
Speed Dial Enter up to 20 numbers that will be called whenever you dial the corresponding code from your VoIP device.
Features Have voicemail delivered as an MP3 attachment to your email, send voicemail notification to a mobile phone or an alphanumeric pager via SMS; manage enhanced features (also known as Star key or * features), such as Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call Waiting and DND or change your current time zone so that your calls and voicemails will be appropriately timestamped.
911 InfoVerify or change your 911 address, which is where emergency personnel will go when called from your VoIP service.

Warning: If you do not have any 911 Emergency address in this tab it means that this is not enabled for your account. 911 response is NOT automatic with VoIP service. You can always call 911 from a regular phone or from a mobile phone.

Great OptionsDownload a video soft phone for your computer and tools that enhance VoIP functionality. This manual can also be downloaded here.
  • "I use SIPTalk for both my home office voice line and for my fax machine, and it works much better than my previous VoIP provider did. My fax machine is my business lifeline, so I can’t afford to use an unreliable service. In addition, I save about 50% over what I would be paying AT&T for the same two lines. "

    Orrin C.
    Los Angeles, CA

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