You can check your voicemail from any phone in the world. This includes your cell phone, pay phone or while your travelling, a hotel phone. To access your voicemail from a phone, follow these instructions:

  1. Dial your full 10-digit number.
  2. Wait for the announcement
  3. Press the * key
  4. Enter your password when prompted

Checking Voicemail from Inside the Office

Your voicemail can be checked from any office phone by dialling 00. Once you access the voicemail system, follow the prompts to listen to your new voicemail or make changes to your greeting.

  • "I use CallBlast all the time to forward my client calls to my mobile phone. That feature alone is a remarkable timesaver for me. It lets me be away from my desk most of the time and still take every call “live” that I want to. I have a second line we use for our home number, and I love the videophone—I can see my friends instead of just talking into a piece of plastic. "

    Kelly R.
    Portland, OR

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