The Speed Dial tab allows you to dial up to 20 frequently called numbers by pressing only one or two keys. Enter who or what is being called in the Description field, the one or two digit speed dial shortcut in the Code field, and the number or you want to call in the Number Dialed field. Then click on Update Speed Dial to save your entries and/or changes.

The Speed Dial Tab of your Control Panel

Speed Dial Considerations

To speed dial a non-Canadian/US number, enter the international access code (011 or 00) followed by the country code and number (as shown in the example above).

You can enter numbers in US or Canada either with or without the "1" in front of the number. If you enter any alphabetic characters, they will be changed to the corresponding number on a phone keypad. For example, 1-800-GOFORIT would be changed to read 18004636748.

Using Speed Dial

To use Speed Dial, simply press the keys on your phone or softphone keypad that is the Code corresponding to the number you wish to call. To speed the call on its way, you can then press the # key or the Dial key or whatever your phone has that triggers an outbound call.

As a side note – # key (pound or hash key) is a universal "launch this call now" signal on all telephones. Use it whenever you dial an international number, for example, to save yourself 4-5 seconds of post dial delay.

Print Speed Dial Directory

Clicking on the Print Speed Dial Directory button does exactly what you'd expect – brings up a PDF of your speed dial directory so you can print it.

  • "I use CallBlast all the time to forward my client calls to my mobile phone. That feature alone is a remarkable timesaver for me. It lets me be away from my desk most of the time and still take every call “live” that I want to. I have a second line we use for our home number, and I love the videophone—I can see my friends instead of just talking into a piece of plastic. "

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