From the Great Options tab you can download add-ons and products that enhance your VoIP service functionality. This manual is available for download from this tab, as well. This screen will look something like this:

How To Use The Account Portal

The existence of the Account Portal link on the Control Panel Account tab depends on what billing application your Service Provider uses to create and send your invoices. Clicking the Account Portal button brings you to the Transaction History tab that looks like this:

The Video Softphone is a Window-based application that allows you to turn your computer into a VoIP device and serve as a globally mobile VoIP phone. It supports video and voice calls, which ring on your computer when Video Softphone is running, and you will be able to place calls from wherever you have access to a broadband Internet connection.

The 911 Info tab (see screen below) allows you to verify or change the address to which you want emergency personnel to come if you dial 911 from your VoIP phone. We verify your address with regional and national 911 address databases, so it is crucial that you change it appropriately and re-verify if you move.

The Features tab allows you to further customize various settings and features including 7-Digit Calling set up, Voicemail Settings, Enhanced Services Settings (e.g., Do Not Disturb or Disable Call Waiting) and the Time Zone used to timestamp your calls and voicemails.

The Speed Dial tab allows you to dial up to 20 frequently called numbers by pressing only one or two keys. Enter who or what is being called in the Description field, the one or two digit speed dial shortcut in the Code field, and the number or you want to call in the Number Dialed field. Then click on Update Speed Dial to save your entries and/or changes.

The advanced call forwarding feature gives you the option to route your incoming calls to up to four different phone numbers (other than your main VoIP number) simultaneously and/or sequentially so you can answer the call wherever you may happen to be.

The Voicemail tab displays your new and saved voicemail (and videomail) and allows you to listen (or view) your mail.

We suggest that you follow the order below when first using your Online Control Panel:

Once you successfully log in, you'll see the control panel main window with the Account tab selected, as shown below. The control panel has a series of tabs, each designed to give you information about and control over your account.

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