Find Me Follow Me & Advanced Call Forwarding

This revolutionary feature is a combination of traditional Call Forwarding and One Number (Find Me / Follow Me) services also known as Call Blast. You can have your calls ring simultaneously on your office, mobile and home phones, or they can be set up to ring sequentially in any order and with whatever delay you decide to set. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are! Find Me Follow Me is configured from your Control Panel.

The CallBlast feature gives you the option to route your incoming calls up to four different phone numbers (other than your main VoIP device) simultaneously and/or sequentially.
Any phone can be used as a destination – your home phone, another VoIP phone, your mobile phone, computer or PDA with a Softphone, regardless of where the device is located.
Using the above sample, the CallBlast configuration would work like this:

  1. Ring the Home Phone (Primary VoIP line) which is Line 1 Linksys for 8 rings before going to voicemail.
  2. If the Primary line hasn‟t been answered after one ring, begin ringing 403-555-1000, and ring that for 4 rings before stopping.
  3. If neither phone has picked up after two rings, begin ringing 847-555-2222 and ring that for 3 rings before stopping.

This means, for example, if your mobile phone is turned off, many of your calls may go to your mobile phone voicemail. Or if your mobile phone‟s Rings Delay and # of Rings totals more than 8 in the example above, then an unanswered incoming call will simply stop instead of going to your Primary VoIP voicemail, since that only totaled 8 rings.

If Rings Delay is set to 2 for your mobile phone, your VoIP phone will ring approximately 3 times before your mobile phone begins to ring, as it takes 1-2 rings for a phone set on CallBlast to begin ringing, even if you have Rings Delay set to 0.

CallBlast to IP Phones

To include a VoIP phone as one of your CallBlast numbers, enter the IP Device ID, which is usually in the form of a URI. A SIP URI is the ID and network address of the VoIP phone and may have no resemblance to a “normal” telephone number.

To Set Up CallBlast

  1. Enter your mobile or other numbers in the Phone fields as shown.
  2. The number is activated by checking the Active checkbox. CallBlast is stopped by unchecking the box. If you want calls to go directly to voicemail, turn on the DND feature by pressing
    *78 on your VoIP phone, or enter 0 for the number of rings on your Primary VoIP phone, or uncheck Active in the Primary VoIP field.
  3. You can Disable Call Waiting for each device by checking the box associated with that number.
  4. Next, set the Rings Delay. This is the number of rings for your Primary VoIP line before CallBlast launches a call to the CallBlasted number(s). Zero is recommended for your Primary VoIP phone. Note: it takes 1-2 rings for a mobile phone to begin ringing even if you have the Rings Delay set to 0.
  5. Set the maximum # of Rings for each device, after which you want the CallBlast call to that device stopped. When a call is answered on any of the devices, CallBlast automatically stops ringing all other numbers. If the call is still unanswered after the set number of rings for the Primary VoIP line, the call is delivered to your SIP Family Phone voicemail.
  6. . Click on the Save button to save all changes.
  7. Make a test call to your phone number to make sure it works as expected.


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