Advanced Receptionist Phone for Forwarding Calls to Cell Phones $799 95CAD + Shipping

The large legible screen makes it easy to see who is calling. With the additional button module, transferring calls to cell phones is a breeze. Add this reception phones to your Cell Phone Switchboard service to make it easy for your reception and operations people to transfer calls, quickly and easily.

Additional button modules can be added to handle more phones extensions or cell phones.

Cell Phone Reception Switchboard Phone
Cell Phone Reception Switchboard Phone shown with the optional camera.

We recommend Yealink T58A Desk Phone with Button Module for businesses with reception and a lot of cell phones.Simply plug in any consumer grade phone. Internet for your store or home office is availble with a wireless or wired connection.

This modem and phone adapter can be purchased directly from our online store at Check out the Yealink T58A Desk Phone and Button module online.

  • "Using SIPTalk for my home office is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. My productivity is way up, thanks to CallBlast and voicemail-to-email features. I can always be reached, no matter where I am. I also like how I can use the web portal to manage the features I want rather than waiting for ‘the phone company’ to get around to it. When my phone arrived, I read the simple directions, plugged it in, and was using the service within about five minutes. It works as promised!"

    Ron T.
    Lane County, OR

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